The power of your story

I will never forget Pat when she told a group of new immigrants who were grouping together to share our experiences with politicians, decision-makers and wider public. “None will argue your story, because it is your story. They can argue with your statistics, but never with your experience”.

Today I have been frustrated in the morning as I wanted to drive on time both my wife at her workplace and my daughter at her school. And the traffic was not on my side. I was happy to be able to see the smile of my little boy as I was meditating on the joy of being a parent. Today I made someone happy, another one angry. I cooked, I prayed, I surfed internet, I read, I watched, I spoke with people. I cleaned the floor, I fixed the bed, I changed several times my son. I heard how my wife and daughter had spent their days. I talked briefly with someone who was laying of her job.

I observed again the pregnant beggar, crossing the road from her spot going somewhere else. I can’t forget her while few weeks ago she crossed the street and did pee on a corner. That left something in my memory that was unexpected and traumatic. That event spoke to me about the state of beggars like her more than anything else.

Not everyday is the same for me or you. Some days offer rare moments when we stop and ponder, when we think and reflect, when we are amazed or shocked. Most of the days are routine and if we don;t expect something unusual to happen, we even don’t give attention to anything that happens. We lose so many details that can create a powerful story. King Solomon told to the lazy people: “Go and observe how ants are working”. To observe ants anyone should stop, bow down and wait.

To hear the whisper of the leaves in an evening during fall season, is amazing but we can’t, if we have headphones non-stop stick to our ears.

When someone will ask you next time “what’s going on”, don’t answer “nothing new” or “routine”, but be prepared to share what you heard, what you saw, what you thought, what you read.

I would like to hear your story. I would like to hear what God is doing in you and around you, big or small. And if you would be willing to share those moments with me, I’m sure you would like to share them later with people who are dying to hear a story that can change their life for better.

Share a story, share your story!

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