May Hope prevails – Advent is here

Advent starts tomorrow with an old stage, but with new characters. Probably you become one of them.

Probably Christmas season is nothing new to you! For some, the main theme is the time spent joyfully with the loved one, for others good deals in shopping. Some use this time to stop and reflect on the year that is ending, others chose to do something Christian this season. Many would set up Santa-inspired decorations and some would put the Nativity story. Some would light Advent candles, and some would reflect on the story that the Western world celebrates in the end of the year.

I’m going to reflect and write my thought all these days towards Christmas and I hope you will find my thoughts as reflective and inspiring.

I would invite you to re-read (or read for the first time) the story regarding Christ-mas in the Gospels of Mathew and Luke. Both of them approach and deliver differently the story, the first looks boring to us with all those names but the other sets the stage like a well-written movie script. Both gospels were written to different groups of people, that’s why not all of us understand them easily and in the same way.

Conflict is well described in Luke’s gospel as it portraits one elderly couple: Zechariah and Elisabeth who were respected because of their status as a priest (the husband) and from the high-priest lineage (wife), but on the other side also looked differently because of Elisabeth’ barrenness, which was considered not as a blessing from the Lord. Then John comes into the scene. When we chose to read carefully the story, we will see that it is not boring at all.

I would like to invite you to reach these stories with an expectant heart. They speak today because are inspired by the eternal truth.

My hope this Advent season is that we all have an expectant heart, for something truthful, love-full, hopeful to happen in us, in our families and why not even the communities around us. My hope is that when Christ-mas comes this year, we would be more grateful for the holy gift sent from heaven.

May hope prevails.

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