Marriage Prep

Are you looking to enter in the joyful and mysterious union of marriage? Do you want to be better prepared not just for the ceremony but for the lifelong journey? I can help.

I’m a certified facilitator for SYMBIS (means Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts), an online assessment both of you can take separately. I receive the results and will invite you to a meeting that at least is two hours where we go together into the interpretation of the results of the assessment.

This assessment would help you to figure out blind spots and be realistic for the future together, in the same time celebrating on your strong common grounds that are very much needed for a long and meaningful marriage.

Check SYMBIS page and search my name at the list of facilitators! I’ll be able to help you in the process bring light from the Scriptures and from my personal journey of 20 years in marriage with the same woman 🙂