Six years I’ve invested in planting an Albanian speaking church in Toronto which didn’t produce the result I anticipated in the beginning of the journey. I’m evaluating what was done and how was done, to be a helpful resource for those who work in similar situations. Read more at

I’ve been part of the initial group Albanian Diaspora Forum focused reaching Albanians in N.America. Currently we have been organized in the Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood in North America. Currently I’m the only worker north the border. The rest work in USA.


Facebook has been the most successful tool engaging with various groups: Albanians or not, Christians or not, in Canada or outside. Hosting groups related with “Bible Study”, “Prayer for workers”, “Albanian church” has engaged various people I would not have the chance to interact normally. Various people contact directly through Facebook, YouTube or Google+, from Christians who have lost the passion, to Muslims who disagree with what I say, to atheists who have comments regarding my topics on Creation and those who want to immigrate to Canada.


It has been a pleasure to help various people on various stages of their journey to the new country. Not always easy as requests and needs don’t always fall under what is possible, or morally supportive. But has been a great opportunity to show, even those we could help that as Christians we can;t do everything without thinking the consequences. Partnering with various individuals and groups has been a huge help in this process.

Looking forward opening a Center for Albanians – ALBANIAN HOUSE. A hub where Albanians feel home meeting each other. A motivational place offering workshops and seminars regarding truth in various fields of interest. A “one stop shop” for refugees and new immigrants. A place where ideas are shared and prayers are sent towards heaven. A place where Albanian music will be promoted and taught to young generations. A publishing house that spread the good news.


As the heart is there knowing the problems my people face everyday, I look for opportunities to help. Currently has been mostly with referrals to groups that could help and in one case helping a ministry reaching blind people start.

One thing has been in my heart how to offer kids there the opportunity to play as kids. So by God’s help and with the support of friends like you I’m looking forwards to raise funds to built playgrounds for kids in forgotten places. Can I count on you?

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