My Journey

Endriti-June2015 (3)This is a place where you can learn more about my ministry since the time I started my journey with Jesus.

I was born-again soon after my home-country of Albania was not anymore a communist nation and the freedom of religion was allowed again after 25 years. As an University student I had a hard time to understand the changing of times and not sure what the future had for me. When I met Jesus as a friend who really cares, I surrendered my life to Him as my Lord.

I completed “Word of Life” Bible School and went to my city, involved in the church plant and ended working in full-time ministry for the church. There I learned to play the guitar, wrote songs for the Lord, led the worship team. We recorded the first album with a tape recorder. What a success we were heading to 🙂

In a growing church you need to learn to do almost everything and as my former pastor used to say, I was spread too thin, trying to do everything. Later when I did the StrengthFinder test, I figured out that one of my strengths was Learner. Learning all the time 🙂

Fast forward. Arrived in Canada in 2009 and started working  mainly with Albanians. Led the establishment of the first Albanian evangelical ministry in Canada and since then looking for new ways how to bless God’s people and those who don’t know Him yet. Currently, I’m leading a team and a growing English speaking church in Downsview area.

A lot to share, but not everything can be told here, so you need to know me to understand my stories, specially those not written here. I thank you for stopping at my site, but let me know how I can be a blessing for you. Only God knows the real reason why you are reading these lines , but I’m praying that you will be inspired, blessed, challenged and moved by what you read, listen and watch in this place. I would encourage you to read the blog posts and sign up with your email to receive updates with new material is shared here.

I’m in the learning process of a different curve and I’m willing to help you going through what you are going through. Don’t tell me that you don’t need help – you need it. Sometimes the help could be easier to reach, if another pair of eyes will see the situation. Sometimes having someone outside of your normal circle of advisors is very helpful to expand the understanding of your reality. I hope I might be a blessing to you individually if you are looking to have a spiritual father. Paul said that Christians in his time (like ours) have many teachers, but few fathers. That’s not a journey that just happens, but starts with a desire and a process of listening and knowing the heart of each other.

Another thing that I might help you is related with your marriage: actual or the one to be. I’m a certified facilitator of helping couples to “Save their marriage before it starts”. A struggle for many couples today, specially men is that they don’t talk about their problems, challenges with anyone and for some their problems become not only bigger and unsolved, but also public. Trusting to few people who could help you before the crisis is wise and during the crisis is undisputable.

So write me a line or call me and I’ll be happy to connect with you.

May God bless you in a way that you joyfully can proclaim: “there is none like my God”

Your brother,


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