God Loves You!

Love -by definition-is free will. If I love my child it can’t be out of duty or to look good. If it is just responsibility we must replace “love” with “taking care”.

“Love” is stronger and better than “friendship”. You don’t do a covenant relationship with those you are friends with, it should be something stronger and usually, this happens in marriages. God is not looking for relationships based on “friends with benefits”, should we?

God loves you! God doesn’t need you to respond to his Love with some duty actions, as each action represents and corresponds to a specific reason.

God loves you! God will not and can’t force you to love Him. It must come from a free-will desire of your deep reality.

It might be easier to be a God-servant than a God-lover if both are real.

God loves you because it is His nature, but it is not naturally ours. So when we assess and understand that we fail on loving, we should turn ourselves towards the source of love and stay on it until our deep desire is warm and loving God becomes natural.

God loves us, even when He judges us rightly or we judge Him stupidly. Probably it is a good time for some of us to get out of the “comfort zone” of dark shadows unto the light. Probably we should leave behind our well-articulated excuses that have convinced our conscience to be more independent and proud in all we want to achieve in this life. Probably some of us might re-experience again the lost first love as we became busy with what we thought is the right thing to do, as we dare to see ourselves in the Truthful mirror.

God loves us, don’t forget this.


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