Takes guts to tell the truth

One of my heroes in the beginning of life as a shy Christian was John the Baptist. Partly because I had so much opposition from family and society in the post-communist Albania, so I needed to build muscles to stand and to testify. Partly, because I believe the anointing that was upon Elijah when he faced the corrupted and evil society under Ahab and Jezebel was upon John who dared to say to the king that was wrong that he took his brother’s wife. The justice inside me that existed even when I didn’t knew Jesus, found the platform. It hasn’t been easy and I haven’t been always right, when I have said or declared. But I have dared to say something else in an environment where other people have already decided what to say.

When we say “all we need is love”, is that 100 % biblical? I believe NO, partly because the love we are talking about is a non-confrontational love. It’s the kind of love that makes compromises for the sake of being accepted, applauded and attractive. It’s so normal now that certain churches or denominations change what the traditional Christianity has held, because they are losing members. So they better loose their originality from Jesus, than losing the place in society. I’m not talking about the stances where the church has been wrong, like slavery or racial differentism. I’m taking about values that are purely Christian and as the world is going to the other side, part of the church are following the world.

Take guts to tell the truth and that’s the test where your guts are planted: in the rock or in the moving sand. No hero can say while facing the difficulty or enemy stronger than themselves, that they have no fear. In contrary they have faced the fear because of their convictions, responsibility and calling.

The only way you build those muscles and have real guts is to see Jesus and his apostles, to see what God has said and letting the Word building us from inside. A little leaven will compromise all the bread, so if we have some selfish plans and want to please everyone, we can serve faithfully to the most High God. Chose today to whom you are going to serve. As for me and my family, we will serve the LORD.


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