Heroes and Heretics

Do you recall Jean D’Ark, the French heroine? She gave some victories to the French against the English, but when she was captured she was executed as an heretic. So many of the saints have been persecuted from the church who later have put in the honor’s bench.

Who have been those people? Usually they have had a strong conviction and have expressed it. They dared to say and do something that others either didn’t see as a problem or were afraid to be against the powers.

It’s not different today! Most of us life in a comfortable church environment and don’t want to be part of a radical transformation. We might be happy with some calibration, fixing and make up, but not huge revival. We might be even skeptical of some people in “fire” and we might let them go away from us, if they are not contained.

Some of us are praying for a revival, but we are not aware of the cost of the revival. All revivalists of the past have been ridiculed by the established Christendom.

When we become old Wineskins and what if we are not aware?

I might better risk being called heretic, by the statusquo than avoiding answering the internal struggles with Biblical insight that might have been neglected or undiscovered. What about you? How safe have you decided to do your part in this life?

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