Superficial pagan converts

History has told us that nations have been converted to Christianity, either by losing a war or when their king/ruler embraced Christianity. So until lately people have been Christians in masses.

Today with the western individualism the conversion is peceived differently. In certain places (includes where I became a Christian) doing a prayer of salvation is considered conversion.

But today that prayer is used less (I don’t advocate for the prayer as the method), but that doesn’t stop people being converted in the same way like other in the past-superficially.

Conversion is a mystic work of God who works within us and we do the believing and the confessing. When we try to help God and make converts before due time, we help the enemy creating superficial converts.

We can’t run ahead of God, we need to follow God where he is working with people. We shouldn’t speed the process of conversion, but pray that it happens in the right way in the life of each individual.

If we do that, we will help every convert to grow as a disciple of Jesus and the world will have less scandals to find out in our midst.

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