Convenience Church

I started my only business when I was in the fourth year of University. During summer. I started selling to my neighbors things that they will otherwise buy at another farther store. They could just walk 2 minutes and have want they want. If they needed something that I didn’t had, I made sure they come back because I will definitely have it for them. I made my profit and existed because of my willingness to offer something that they wanted. It was my first year as a Christian and I wanted to contribute financially in the family. I had quit smoking and drinking alcohol, but I was selling both cigarettes and beer as they made a consistent flow of income. I was selling them because of the demand not because I believed in the product. Otherwise people would go and buy it somewhere else.

Somehow some churches have become like that. They offer to people things that people are looking for, mainly pastoral care: listening, helping practically. These things usually never offend and are really good things and people need them. The difference is when the church wants to be the prophetic voice in community. Usually religious people are not friendly to prophets, so a church to take a stand and speak truth to the community will create a buzz. Sometimes people within the church will be challenged and enjoying the previous status-quo will challenge back in different levels the person (s) God is using to clean the house from all the ungodliness business.

What your church looks like? A convenience church where people choose what kind of food and services will have there or a prophetic temple who is inviting people to God not forgetting presenting the distinguishable limits for the unclean, the unholy and the lost.

When Jesus cleaned the temple, somehow he was saying that I’m against the convenience place of worship. It was God not the people, who designed the temple and the reason for its existence. When the spiritual apostasy happens, the opportunity to open a marketplace in the church is very possible and maybe exists in your local church. Religious entertainment and helping with emotional needs is in high demand. But from God’s perspective it’s in high demand the prophetic schools where believers are trained to listen intentionally, discern and obey the voice of God. We are in such need of “prophets” who will speak the word from the pulpits, in homes and in marketplace. Are you going to be one of them in this generation? God is waiting for you to be real with your calling.

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