Underdog shepherds

The famous story of David and Goliath has been told millions of times. It’s an inspiration story from little kids to shouting Christians. Today I would like to see another angle of the story. David was anointed the future reigning king of Israel, but besides his closer family none knew him. Even his family didn’t had a high perception of him, prior of his anointing from Saul, the prophet  and after. But David had a zeal for God and he was open where God was leading him. His father sent him to distribute food to his older brothers in the army and he was willing. When he saw the opportunity he jump trusting God and knowing the benefits of winning the duel with the giant – he would be the son in law of the King. Looks like a possibility to be able to be a king in the future.

I don;t know how many Israelites despised him as a shepherd boy with a dream to restore the damaged name of YHWH. I might guess that many of his countrimen were open to consider having their God insulted than lossing their life. David’s radical reaction we can see also at Jesus reaction when he cleansed the temple in Jerusalem. The zeal for God sends you to places where the risk is high.

Currently in Canada the work of God is done is medium risk. We don’t bother anymore challenging the giants who come and claim territories. We express wishes and prayer to God that He might intervene, we might pray for a hero to be sent. But most of us don;t look for the unexpected hero. We expect our Sauls, former generals in God’s army who have had previous victories or theose who know well the history of the church – to lead our battles. We want someone stronger than us to lead, we want someone smarter than us to lead us, we want someone with more resources to lead us.

A boy will lead them.

We do conferences to fill us with inspiration, encouragement and stories of success, hopeful that through them we will find the way of victory. Sometimes they work. But we are building “Saul” type pastors and church shepherds. We are looking for the next superman or superwoman who will make church members to be involved in ministry, to come faithfully in our well-prepared services. We are looking for the right worship band who will make our youth attracted to church.

A boy shepherd will lead them.

I don’t know what underdog shepherd God is using in our generation, but I’m sure that he surprises us always. Could be age or the previous history? Could be someone from a tiny village, tiny island, tiny country? Could be someone who doesn’t speak very eloquently? Could be someone like you?

Maybe in the future we can talk about how to avoid that the underdog shepherd, doesn’t turn him/herself into the famous “King Saul”?

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