Church planting must reach the L.O.S.T


Luke 15 tells us the passion that Jesus had for the lost so to make sure his passion was transferred to the audience he uses several parables that may understand it.

So it is my strong belief that a new church plant must be focused on reaching people that haven’t been reached by other groups or where no one has gone yet. But how to say that outloud in the way that will stop the believer’s transfer from one church to another?

Maybe we should focus not on the number of people who come in Sunday meetings, but in the number of those people who don;t step into church visible environment. Those people whom you must meet for several weeks, months or years over a coffee or a beer, before that ask to join a formal church.

But why we don;t go to hardcore pagans? Because we want easy results, specifically if expectations are upon us from the sending church/agency. They need numbers. Jesus needs new salvations. He needs

Jesus needs new salvations. He needs us to meet those who are not church service friendly, but they are looking for something real, different.

When we look at the multitudes of the lost people than we have less weekly activities, but more engagement. The Bible is full with moments where Jesus and his apostles met people outside religious services and few with those in such services. Please get my message right: I’m PRO completely Christian services and programs, Sunday gathering and formal activities, BUT if that’s all, we can’t impact the LOST with what we have.

Intentionally the church needs to have less “comfortable” meetings for Christians, and to encourage its people to do something different for the lost, even if they need to miss the Sunday gathering. If Jesus comes this week all Christians will go with Him, even if they haven’t heard the latest sermon or read the latest book on ministry. But the lost will not have the chance to see and hear the Gospel because we as Christians are busy with ourselves.

Jesus said to the religious of his day: ” What is easier to say – Your sins are forgiven or get up and walk?”. I think today what is easier to say and do? For me as I think for most of you is to have time with those who think like us and don;t give us headaches. Most of the Christians would be in that category whom I would like to hand out.

But the love of Christ constrains us to do what it is not easy for us, but what the Spirit compels us to do. So this Christmas, let us not forget the LOST, for whom Christ came.

Merry Christmas!

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