Another strand was cut from the rope

broken ropeSo today was a sad day for me. The treasurer said we have less than $1000 in the church and my first reaction was take off my supplement, at least we can have money for the rent and other expenses. People who come in the church service haven’t yet reached the giving level. I personally believe than when people give themselves to the Lord it would be easier to give from their finances too, but the first needs to happen.

In the midst of my thoughts on the future of the church, I’ve got the call that one refugee applicant, friend of mine who I hoped to be a great help in the work here in Toronto, was denied his stay definitely this time.

My plans like ropes have been cut. Looks like most of the things I wish and plan to happen don’t work. Many times in the past, God has taught me to depend only in Him – but it is so hard, when human help slips from your hand. And then your soul silently asks: “Why God needs to be so hard?” knowing that in the journey some questions will be answered.

But until the answer day, I’m keeping pieces from my broken rope.

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