All the Savior, for all their sins

How difficult is to tell people all the truth? It has been always DIFFICULT. Those who know a truth that disturbs someone they know, try to tell that going around, hoping that the other part will get it without being offended. Or they just don’t tell anything, hoping that the person figures out by himself, or someone bolder tells that.

In today’s world where “everything is OK for you, but don’t press it to me”, where “everything is relative” and “everyone has a different life standard”, a biblical view is bizarre, with its scale depending on the group.

Today I preached again at the Albanian church gathering. People are aware that I preach from the Bible, but I always feel the pressure against me when I talk about anything that is personal to the listeners. Anything that discovers idols, uncover sins, and talk about the judgement of God. I see that people like to hear messages about life, how to improve relationships, how to feel better about things. And here I am preaching about their sinfulness and their need for the Savior. Not part of the Savior. All the Savior, for all their sins. I feel they don’t see themselves so sinful. So I mention different sins mentioned in the Bible, not the adultery, killing or stealing. But gossiping, backbiting, abortion, astrology. Things they can do without thinking that they are wrong.

And I see a mix of awe, discomfort, nodding and indiferentism. I want to be their friend, but not in the expense of not telling the truth. The truth they will pass to the family members, to their friends, to their colleagues.

I’m obliged to tell the truth, even when it is so difficult, so help me God.

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