I’m a practicing Christian

I started having pain in my lower back yesterday as I lowered myself sitting on my second chair – in the car. So today I went for a massage therapy session. I wanted something NOW so I did a research on the message therapists in my neighborhood and started calling them one by one. The automated secretary responded so I went on looking to hear a live person. So Peter answered and went to him.

As I usually turn the conversations about life, while he was working on my back we figured out that both of us were Christians and we had such a blessed time talking and sharing about Jesus and what He has done in our lives.

And that started when I said: “I’m a practicing Christian…….”  I don;t present myself in that way, but that;s what I felt saying. He was like me. I’m imaging if I was there, waiting the massage to end and staying in silence or talking about another topic.

I am not ashamed being a Christian even when that means I’m not welcomed. From Peter I went to change the car oil and figure out that the guys were practicing Muslims. The mechanic who was assigned to work on my car, stood silently for a while reading my car stickers: “Jesus died for our sins” and “He is the only way”. The guy became very silent after that. I pray that he and his colleagues (who somehow learned about me from they friend-I could see their look) will think about what they read at the car.

So in two hours today I met a committed Christians and two committed Muslims. Both they knew who I was because I am not ashamed of telling whom I am.

What about you?

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