Give the good food at the season

As I was reading an article on Time regarding the best time to each various fruits, I immediately though about the need for a fresh word from God. We all have heard that story where someone had the habit of knowing God speaking to him, by randomly opening pages. That day he opened “Juda hanged himself” and at another place “go and do it likewise”.

The Bible is full of inspiration, but sometimes we haven’t got the inspiration from our daily devotion while reading the book. Sometimes has been a sermon on radio, a song on Ipod, a reading at YouVersion. Sometimes have been a friend calling in the right moment, or a stranger who happened to be at the right time at the right place.

God speaks! And we can’t chose how He speaks to us. He knows what we need and He will talks to us when we are open.

There are parts of the Bible that speaks differently at different times. And we need to be careful how we quote those to different people.  Jesus said to laugh with those who laugh and to cry with those who cry. It is not easy sometimes, but we should be sensitive how we say, what we say. When we say the right word, even when it is a swift correction, it will be accepted right. Let’s be wise on that.

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