Do you need a boat or faith to walk on water?

1920x1080_lonely_boat_at_sunset-1238260When I was a young believer, most of the stories I wanted to read or listen were about miracles. Those written in the Bible and those people were testifying happening today. I was a miracle myself. I had a wonderful conversion, like a new man. I was healed from migraine when a believer prayed for me and soon I prayed to stop smoking.. and that happened. I had a friend who got healed from cancer, saw people get up from wheelchairs.

Also I have lost two friends and countless others from cancer, many prayers unanswered. Disappointing. I have seen miracles and seen how doctor has helped my daughter. I have seen pharmaceutical pills and herbal teas – helping healing and relieving. I have seen my wife never applying for a job, but having three continuous jobs in her career. Myself, I’ve had more than 10 working places, and hundreds of resumes sent. Tens of interviews, most unsuccessful. Why is like that? On the other side I’m not careful with what I eat and have been healthy, but her… year after year, another health problem. And she is good with proper diet, exercise, eating healthy.

When I have read the story of Jesus walking on water, I have prayed that one day I might walk on water like Him. Maybe! But I’m not going to walk on water, if the boat is waiting on the shore. I’m not going to do the impossible when the possible is in my hands. I’m going to ask God and knocking on doors, I don;t know which one will be opened. I’m going to preach the gospel to everyone, God knows their hearts and He can mold them.

Do I need a boat or faith to do the impossible?

BOTH. Yes, I want them both. The boat to keep me busy and not lazy, but faith to do his will.

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