Friends in the journey

So, I had a coffee today with a Christian brother. We are meeting regularly almost once a month. Surely the reason was not just to drink coffee. We talk all the time.

I left today thinking, how important is to have friends. Everybody know that, right? There are many of you who will say that we all have friends, what is something new here?

Personally I have various types of friends with whom I share various subjects. Based on the level of trust, expertise, interests, expectations, obligations I have all kinds of friends and I will share even personal things with them in a certain level.

Today I was thinking, how to have friends who are not there to give you advice and tell what you should do, or friends which you or them expect something in exchange. I talking about friends in the “relax” mode. Where suggestions and criticism is not given in judgmental form, where “holier than you” in not present and you know that the other person is not looking for information to sell to others.

I think it is not easy to create those spaces, but it is needed, even if requires a lot of time, efforts and patience. We all need to grow and a listener friend is a MUST.

Remember a biblical story where prince Jonathan became good friends with David (who later became king instead of Jonathan’s father). A friendship than nothing could break.

“A friend loves at all times” Proverbs 17:17

I pray that you have at least one such a friend!

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