Understand Your Unchurched Community

I like a lot this article and you will too, see read it now http://www.churchplants.com/articles/10066-5-ways-to-better-understand-your-unchurched-community.html

I just want to confirm two important things mentioned by the author that I really agree.

1- know for real the culture of the people around you or those you want to reach for Jesus. Know what they like to talk about, what movies are attractive and why. Don;t plan for a quick shot with the gospel to an environment you suppose you know well.

2-Ask yourself, if you were not a churchgoer or a pastor, would you go to your services. Sometimes we MUST go to the services, because we lead them :), but we don;t like everything there and everyone. The same way the current outsiders think. So let;s walk in their shoes and offer news that really matter to them and their spirit is looking for.

Let’s see ourselves as matchmakers-bringing God and people together.

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