Church for the lost sheep?

can you have church for the lost sheeps

What a question? We tend to think that the church is to reach the lost. Right! Or not!

I have been in church circles enough that I’ve seen not only the passion, the sacrifice, the love, but also the ugliness.

And that’s I want to talk today. Jesus said at Luke 15:4 “”Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?” (NIV)

Last week at at a meeting a pastor confessed that our front door and the back door are wide open. Many people come and many go. I’m sure he is talking more about people showing up at meetings, but that’s how many pastors count their following. Or not?

Another pastor who has been also at a mega church staff, mentioned that people leave by tens every week, but we didn;t care too much as there were hundreds of people to have inside.

I know that some of those coming and leaving are just church shoppers – a term mostly used in Western christian terms. You can;t blame them totally as the society and the church have a lot the same, including consumerism.

But what Jesus said is disturbing. Leaving for a season the 99 obedient, committed sheep to look for the rebel, the disobedient one. That’s something we need really to think about.

As a church planter, since the beginning I made the decision to go after lost sheep and not gathering church-shoppers. That’s a big minus as numbers count a lot in the success of a ministry. Is it easy to go after rebellious sheep, to wards those who want to leave alone? To those that are so stupid that risk a lot? NO its not, but who said that ministry is easy.

The other thought I had was: How to have church for lost sheep, those who for various reasons initially can enter in the same place with other “nice” sheeps?

How to have church for those who sleep late and can;t come at morning services, but can hang-out at a Starbucks and talk for hours on any subject.?

How to have a church for those who want to leave Islam, but they don;t like the Christianity as they have seen it superficially?

How to have church for those hard-worker immigrants who are working day and night in a new country, sacrificing their dreams, to offer a better avenue to their kids?

How to have church for those Christians that love Jesus and the Bible, but don;t like the system the usual church is operating?

A church for the lost, that’s what I’m looking for.

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