how the church can help youth to be employed?

I came across Canada’s 100 companies who employ more young people. I read the list with two wishes:

1) I wish a church or Christian organization is a the 100’s list, so I might be proud that the church cares holistically for the young generation.

2) I wished that no church or organization was in that list, so I might write an article about it.

Can you guess who was the winner?

YES, you are smart 🙂 I’m writing an article, because no Christian smell was on the list.

church youth for hireDo we need to care about that? I believe we need to care about everything people around us and those far from us, face and need help.

I did a quick research online to see if it exist any information on any way how the church is helping and I found this document from the Church of England. Willowcreek church is encouraging it’s members to hire for a day or afternoon young people. I’m sure that there are many unsung heroes in the world helping young people sometime even one at a time.

As a new immigrant in Canada, I experienced something that only immigrants experience, others have heard about it. I experienced that I was helped less by people around me, those I had a higher expectation – than the strangers. My expectations were from three sources: blood relatives, wider Albanian community and the church I start attending.  The help really came from strangers with a big heart, who didn’t care much about church and God and haven;t been immigrants themselves.

A church gathering I could feel that the topic of employment was something that you don;t need to open there, it was something that we can pray about, but you need to figure out yourself. And there is a lot of truth in it. The max help I got from a Christian was a photocopy of 3-4 business cards of recruitment agencies.

Can the church help youth to be employed? YES.

Here are my suggestions that related to other groups than youth too:

– create a culture that the church family take cares and is involved in the well-being of its members.that is called FAMILY.

– have an employment program, to help everyone move from their situation to a stable employment. There are many qualities required in workers that church can invest intentionally -that attenders don’t become only Good Sunday Christians, but also successful entrepreneurs and employees.

-partner with other local churches to make these programs possible as many times a local church can;t do a program like that very well alone.

Is anything you would suggest to add to the list?

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