Own your face!

Apostle Paul told to the Christians in Philippi: “I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content“. It is not easy to say in any generation: “I am content” as there are things we need to improve and can make it better. There are expectations we put to ourselves, or family and society puts on us normally.

Paul was saying that there are seasons in life or even life itself that comes in a package that we can’t change. The following video is a personal testimony of someone who had been struggling to be someone else from outside. And he learned that from his family and the society, until he said: “I will own what I have and live with that”.

As we plan to do 1 2 3 things during 2021 think:

“What if I don’t change anything I want to change, how will be my life?”

“If I need to change something, what is really important to change this season of life?”

May this honest talk make you see yourself differently in society’s mirror.

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