Who is the Jesus I’m following? 

I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me. – John 14:6
This is one of the the statements that John the Apostle wrote on his book about Jesus. Jesus said it. He have said to to many people in different ways, but with the same effect – their lives turned around. Including my wife when she was a student and put both Bible and Koran at the table asking for the real God to be revealed. That’s what she heard and got out of the room afraid, but later convinced that Jesus spoke to her.

Jesus is the way to the Father.

I have been wrong since I met Jesus myself. I thought that Jesus was only at my local church. Later I expanded His presence in my network of churches. Later in other networks and some denominations.

So today I believe that as God is bigger than the Bible, he is working outside our border expectations. He is working in places where no missionary is working and talking to people where Christians don;t dare and don’t want to go.

His ways are still not like my ways and He thinks differently than myself.

What Jesus is doing with Buddhists?

What is he doing with radical Muslims?

What is he doing with super intellectuat agnostics?

I must confess that my North American (mixed with some Eastern European) mindset doesn’t get. I’m busy figuring out how to have successful ministries BUT He is busy healing and delivering people. As I am busy doing my plans for His glory, he is working silently with people I’m not aware off. As I’m looking to find my spot at the table of honor, he is busy washing the dirt out of our feet.

Who is the Jesus I’m following?

Sometimes I feel that I’m following a North American Jesus, which is very comforting. But when I read what the Jewish Jesus did and said, challenges in to the core.

Sometimes I feel like the young ruler who wanted to follow Jesus, but felt sorrowful when Jesus asked him to let go his other good things of his life. Jesus wanted him to be free, but he was comfortably busy with his life.

When his disciples met Jesus who had power over the storm, they was not sure if he was the same who turned the water into wine. (What Jesus thinks when people debate if we should or not drink wine?)

When Jesus asked them who they thought he was, only Peter responded correctly, not being the smartest, but as he got a revelation from the Father above.

I’m glad I’m following Jesus, and I hope you have made that decision too. My encouragement today is not to be content with what you have and you know, but be open to say: I don’t know enough who Jesus is. I want to know him when I see a stranger on my way who needs help, or a woman misused and misjudged. I want to know him in his mercy and in his power, in his forgiveness and in his justice.

Let’s pray together: ” I want to know you Lord!”

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