Playing or doing the role

Today I would like to make us think about the roles we have in our society: family, neighborhood, faith community, ethnic community, national community. You can find other communities in between 🙂

Today I’m a son (my mother is 74 years old), a brother (my only sibling is super far away), a husband of 17 years, a father of an 12 years old, a co-worker, a pastor of some Albanian people, a communicator for people like you-online, an Albanian in diaspora and a new-Canadian, an East-Yorker, a writer, a musician, a DIY experimentalist, etc etc

Some of my roles are by default and I can’t change them, the rest are kinda hobbies and calling mixed together. The first require most of my energies and the second are those who give me new energies. I have a tendency to go to enjoy doing the second -type roles and sometimes have blasted men who were not doing anything particular but working and providing financially for the family.

Honestly, I’m being mature but not fully happy where I am. Having other examples who come to me by others or just by my own reflection, bring a sense of comparison “look at them” and “look at you”. When materialistic needs are not as they should be, “look at them” is so strong and condemning. When I see things with a biblical perspective and mainly in the future I see so many lights of positivism, looking at the good things I’m doing, playing roles that others are not picking it up.

Paul the Apostle said that married men can’t serve well the Lord, as they need to serve well to their families. So true. And so many are doing, at least trying to do well the “pleasing of the wife”, knowing that failing to do the best has consequences. But it is not the same comparison when we weight our obedience to the call of God. Mainly we say: ” I did what I could”. In biblical terms, that might be translated as partial obedience.

So what is our role today?

What we are doing well and where we are playing with it?

If the outcome of fulfilling our duties as a husband mostly is evaluated every night, the outcome of fulfilling our spiritual duties is rarely evaluated or a different scale is used. The reason the church is not a good light ans salt, is mainly our understanding of God’s expectation of us and how we do it in real life.

So, let’s understand and do well the role we have from the Eternal one and other roles will fit while we do God’s will. Any thoughts or comments?


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