What we do with Islamo-news?

I am bombarded with news. All kinds of them. Why? I have open many doors to receive information  from various sources to increase my updated understanding of what is happening and to translate as much as I can unto a Kingdom oriented action plan. I listen to CBC and a Christian radio while driving. I read various types of blogs, check what my facebook friends are posting-half of them are not Christian. I watch Russia Today and conservative and liberal media.

Lately most media has dealt with the ISIS problem, earlier has been Al-Qaeda and similar types. ISIS has been different in type as they have declared Caliphate in a territory and have inspired many to take sides. I read comments anti-Islamic and other Islamic-friendly. I read the “don’t care” type of neutralism and those “we must act now”. What a normal sincere Christian must do? What a shepherd must tell people and what he must keep for himself? Not an easy task. Right?

Here are my thoughts until today and they are Kingdom inspired:

  • We need to be informed, even when news are terrifying. We need to know what is really happening and not just use the phrase “God is in control” to avoid our involvement of any kind.
  • We need to check what we really believe. There are all sort of Christians. Some are born and raised in a Christian environment and their faith is different than someone who has been an Atheist or Muslim. I mean not the source of faith, but the experience of faith. There are those who never experienced God but they always have experienced the church.
  • We need to know what God has called us to do practically in this season. What God says in His word we should do in general and in specific situations similar like ours. If you don;t know what do to, do these four things: 1) pray to God to reveal His direction, 2) be His missionary in your routine work/life, 3) tell the biblical truth when is needed in your normal environment, 4) make disciples of Jesus in a normal life
  • Be prepared to know about Islam as a religion. Sometimes what Western people know is what media has offered them. Know history, read books. Know the differences between what Bible and Koran say. Know five important things that you can mention to any Muslim and make them think about Jesus.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid. The worst to happen is that we are going to meet Jesus sooner. Until that time, we must make sure that we don;t operate in the spirit of fear, but because of the Love of God shed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

God be with you as you serve HIM.

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