Space for night seekers

Nicodemus went to Jesus one night to ask questions. This is one of the most important stories in the Gospels. Not because of the John 3:16. This is why I think so:

Nicodemus was a well known leader and teacher, but in his heart he had questions. He was afraid and careful to be public on something he was investigating, so he went to meet Jesus in the night. Jesus was open to have time in the dark with a person who was afraid to lose what he had. Jesus didn’t embarrassed him or obliged him to be at a certain day and place for “Jesus service”. Jesus was interested to help the man and not to follow a certain way how he dealt with people. Nicodemus was the only person Jesus allowed in audience during the night.

There are people who are afraid and careful today to come near you while you are in the light (or facebook pictures), but they are open for answers. They need their space for a time, a place and space where they are comfortable to ask and listen.

For a church planter that means that he should have continuous space for people who are not ready to join public meetings, but they want to come in the dark. That means that while you work with several peoples, you can;t tell anyone about your work with them, you can’t post pictures while you meet them. Your supporters will not understand sometimes your time in the dark, with people who might be followers of Jesus after your death -as it was the case for Nicodemus.

I post a lot on facebook (having 1000 + friends and followers), knowing that some of them are following me in the anonymous way. They don;t comment or click at my posts, but they continue to read them (some have told me so). We need to have patience while everyone comes in the knowledge of the Biblical revelation. We need to create space around us that allow people to follow us without being noticed. Think about that!


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