the needs are changing faster than our efforts to address them

At a recent speech President Obama said that “the climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it”. Immediately I thought that in regard of the work of the Gospel. We are working with people who don’t always move fast geographically, but also in their thinking. What is trend today will not be next year this time. So the book that someone wants to write, might be old when is published, to answer those questions of today.

The church as an institution has proved that in general reacts late to changes in society and most of those changes come with consequences. I believe that more than ever we need to divide between the eternal word of God that needs to be applied to our everyday life and the methods how we as church/Christians have done certain things in the past. The Word is always fresh and applicable, but we have surrounded so much with our traditions that we can fight about (proven many times already) so it is difficult to move. This remind me when Saul offered David his arms to fight against Goliath. We are all glad that the young David, didn’t receive the advice of the experienced warrior like Saul. Why? Because it was a different fight, in a different place and a different type of enemy.

Then you might ask: how than we can make it possible to be so flexible and not late with our adaptations?

Walk in the Spirit. That’s all I can say. It’s the Spirit that gives life and is the Spirit who guides and knows the hearts of everyone. That’s why Jesus said don;t worry what to say in the front of intimidating people, the Spirit will give you right words. Is that easy? Yes and No. Yes when you are a simple Christian who loves God, His word with good heart and simplicity.

No when you are a sophisticated Christian. You have been trained how to do this and that, so you know what to say in certain sitiation. Although this is a great help (I’m not saying not to be prepared), has the danger to be a robot with christian programming, but without life. It is possible to do many christian things, without God involved. And what is terrifying: He let’s us do all those things. He told us in the Word that every work will be tested with fire, some will go through and some will not.

The word says that if God doesn’t build, than the builders are working in vain.

At everyone’s heart is a lamp telling everytime we do things for ourselves and not for God. Happens that visibly I can do things for God, but inside I do them for myself-to feel good, accepted, honored.

So I’m closing with this: Walk in the Spirit and you will not be late to answer questions the world have while looking for truth applied.

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