at my door!

don;t knock at my doorSince I have become a Christian, I have had various visits at my door. None from a Christian like me. Jehovah Witnesses. As many of you might have experienced yourselves, they are dressed well, have a smile in their face and start immediately talking about the problems in the world.

At my new home of six months, I have had three visits from them and one from a fundraising group. So door-to-door strategy still works for them, that’s why they keep doing it.

But today I would like to share what I experience when they come. Many time I hear Christians or no-Christians talking about JW with disrespect. Personally I always have respected them. I respect them as they want to talk about God – their way. At least at many doors someone is knocking.

Not always they have come on the right time, but I tried to give enough time to myself to sow another explanation of the Scriptures in their life. I hope that some of them would be as Bereans to read the Scriptures with different lens, so I feel I am responsible to talk, even to debate with them.

Preparation is the key. If we want to engage in conversations with those who don;t believe as we do, then we need to be prepared to know what they believe and what Bible teaches they need to know. An unprepared person not knowing what to say, having not enough love towards a human being who is lost in their religion, can;t see a great opportunity when someone knocks in the door.

If you don;t have time to talk to them, at least might have a leaflet to give with the same topics you would share if you would have time.

This brings back the “preparation topic”. Do we want to be prepared to preach the Gospel and to defend the blessed hope we have? Or maybe “our” Christianity of grace allows us to be ignorant in Scriptures.

Friends, if you have been a Christian for a long time, but haven;t had the time to read all the Bible, I would have the tendency to think that your conversion towards Jesus is weird. Why I say that? Because “I have no time” doesn’t work here, but being not hungry towards God, makes sense for a nominal Christian who is neither cold or hot. A christian who has been taught indirectly/or want to consider as Christianity that all s/he needs is to come whenever possible in church meetings and give $ as much as they can, will have problems with testifying to others about Jesus. These types of Christians have no guts to preach the Gospel to others, forget about defending what they believe with the word of God.

What you need to do in the end of my article? Think again on what and why you believe. Read the Bible with fresh eyes and see if there is still love for other people. If yes, then start sharing with boldness what you believe it is true.

May God bless you richly as you follow Him.

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