new way of catching fish?

No way! We know everything how to catch fish, some are legal and others illegal – depending where the fisherman lives. We know that nets and hooks are used, from the boat or from the bridge. Both types of fishermen do it for different purposes, some for business / bread-winning, others for fun.

In some places they use even dynamite to kill quickly the fish they need. Surely they don;t play according the rules and they don;t think that they are damaging the future, they are interested to have it quick and have it now.

I can;t escape thinking about catching people in christian terminology, Usually we want to catch for God, but practically we are catching for the church we work for.

An interesting though might be: What can be non-Kingdom approved tools that get’s quick fish and a mention in the Church growth breaking news?

Today I watched a video of someone fishing with a tool that I never thought might be used for fishing. Have a look for yourself.

Can we use new Kingdom-Approved tools to reach those who are lost, those who are hurt and disappointed? What are you doing that has been successful impacting the lives of those God has entrusted you? I would be glad if you share with us.

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