What hit me during the hunting day?

A friend of mine have been asking and begging me for year to join him in one of his trips. Finally last Saturday I gave in as it was presented to me in a way that I could join. It was us only in his car driving towards West GTA straight to St. Jacobs. My friend gave me some insights where to look for rabbit’s footprints in the snow. Than he helped me to recognize rabbit’s footprints with those of coyotes and foxes. Anytime he went to follow the trail of those footprints, I stayed in the car as I was not intrigued to move around and possibly hear the sound of the rifle.

As we were returning, my friend asked me: “How do you feel?”
I responded: “It was a day different than my usual day, I like it a lot, but it is not worth to sacrifice”. What I meant is the sacrifice to become a hunter like him. Need to spent money on guns, permits and equipment’s, gear and gas. Need to sacrifice some holydays and weekends. To me it was not worth it sacrificing.
Than it hit me from a different angle. We usually make decisions like that all the time, consciously and unconsciously.
We sacrifice our birthplace for a better place, some sacrificed their birthright for a plate of soup.
We sacrifice time, money and energy to study with the hope of a better outcome in the future using what we learned or the diploma we received.
We sacrifice some friendships for better ones. We sacrifice our earthly investment for the heavenly ones.
Nothing expressed love, commitment and seriosity better than sacrifice.
As our church is in the end of the second week of fasting, we are reminded on the sacrifices we do for God, for His church.
Words have no value when actions speak otherwise.
Today I would invite you to meditate on the sacrifice. How and why do you sacrifice? For whom are you sacrificing and is it worthy?
As for me, hunting and many other activities I decide not doing for the sake of doing other things that have more value. At least I know that I’m discriminating some in favor of others. Do you?

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