Do not let your intimacy grow cold!

This COVID season has brought to surface topics that were not on the table for wide discussion. Insecurity is one of the loudest. Not because individuals haven’t been insecure in the past, but this season has brought so much pressure that this generation hasn’t experienced.

In the midst of such discouraging news, one thing that I’m hearing more and more is the number of couples who are expecting babies this season. So many families for the first time after a long time had more time together, husbands with their wives, parents with kids. This definitely has increased the chances for intimacy, which sometimes is blessed with the arrival of the babies.

Does intimacy matter? All who are married will say YES. And that’s what singles are looking for too. We have friends, colleagues, partners in business or art or sport or hobbies, but we can have only one intimate partner. And that relationship can make or break us. Intimate relationships or their lack within the marriage is possibly number one ingredient that glues the couple together or put them apart.

So the couple need to take it seriously prior of smoke comes out of the cabin. What can be done to add the right ingredients for the fire to stay within the couple?

1-Put intimacy as a priority of your marriage, not as the last thing to do after all other duties and tasks are done. You can live one week with no washed clothes, no dust cleaned, not the door fixed, etc etc. But one week without intimacy will lead to the second week, than the first month.

2- Fix other stumbling blocks in your marriage as they might prevent at least one of the partners to be less emotionally involved with the other who is not fulfilling other expectations.

3-Careful what movies you watch alone or together. Some might encourage your romance others might bring in wrong comparison with the couples on TV.

4-Don’t take all your energy, attention or worse don’t use then as excuse not to have time with your spouse.

5-Look what is eating your time daily that is less important that your relationship with your spouse. Avoid it, reduce it or leave it for a time. That could be a hobby, your fav soap movie, your old friends or even your chit-chat with your neighbor or family member.

6-Careful with your words during the day, even when you are going through unpleasant stuff. Sometimes spouses throw their stress of work into their marriage using words that will regret later.

7-Make sure to have God first in your marriage and his Word regarding life and marriage as the highest instructor. Read Romans 12:1-2 and understand that there is marriage according to God’s path and marriage according to world path.

Do you have something else that has been helpful in your marriage? Share it with us.

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