Established in God’s Love -Day 1

I would like to invite you to a 10-day journey meditating on God’s Love. Today we are going to revisit Psalm 136:1-26

Let’s think about the main thought of this Psalm: His love endures forever.

We can read about the story of the Israelites and it might be interesting but sometimes we don’t understand well the victories of 3000 years ago of a nation that has no relationship with our present life.

But try to read the Psalm with today’s perspective. Read it by adding your story. It might look like this:

I thank today my Lord, His love endures forever

He saved me from that crazy driver on the highway, His love endures forever

He gave me strength to get out of my bed and my house, His love endures forever

He has given my work to do, His love endures forever

He has surrounded me with family and friends, His love endures forever

He has sustained my health and I can enjoy breathing, seeing, talking and walking, His love endures forever

I remember all the prayers I received last year, His love endures forever

I’m not sure why certain prayers didn’t came through as I expected, but I know that His love endures forever

There were sins that I enjoyed doing, but when I understood the consequences I turned my face towards God, and He forgave me, His love endures forever

I had enjoyed the company of not holly people and they impacted my thoughts and lifestyle, but when I came to my senses, I returned to God and he accepted me because His love endures forever

We can go forever and mention the goodness of God, which is completely different that the goodness of people. As we experience bits by bits from God’s goodness we can be sure in the moments of despair, in the moment of questioning and pain, that the unchangeable God is still good and His love endures forever. Do we have any problem understanding the “forever” part? Does that exclude certain days or certain people? Does forever is a soothing encouraging word or “to good to be true”? Everyone who have experienced God has shared it with the world and that’s why we have Psalms and thousands of other written expressions or God’s steadfast love towards individuals. I include myself in it saying outloud: “God’s love towards me, never ends”.

His LoveEndures Forever




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