Joy of giving challenged

Today I preached on Giving. I must say that I don’t enjoy preaching on it, because always people react differently. They don’t enjoy much listening such a topic and that’s a sign of what it is in their hearts and what is they view of God.

As I was sharing about the heart of giving and how God sees us as we give, I heard feedbacks like: “I pray for people who are richer than me to give to church”.

Many of Jesus examples were related with money and it looked like people got it -either happier or angrier.

When He said that we can;t serve God and money, He was so right. And giving clarifies whatever gray zone we settle in and reveals true heart motives. None is perfect, but none needs to pretend that’s someone else. Remember the rich young ruler who was declaring that he was keeping all God’s commandments since his youth, but when he heard that he should give away everything and follow Jesus, it was a shock and he went away. Jesus offered him the journey of a lifetime, but he didn’t know God enough to respond to Him out of the comfort zone.

I like uncomfortable topics as they reveal in me what is untrue, what is selfish and pretending. Also they help me see better, what’s in me and in others.

Do you enjoy sermons on giving? Not just the money, but things we have collected, we love dearly and those things that possibly have been part of us, so it looks like us. May God help us in the journey of discovering ourselves in His light.

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