Fast-growing vs disciple-making

One of business types in North America is franchising. It’s growing, specially in food business. People have so many things to do so fast-food has become suitable for this generation. Eating doesn’t need a lot of time nowdays. We can do take-out or drive thru and voila – food in our lap. Less shopping and food preparation. The expectation have adapted slowly in a way that some would not think that exists another type of food, raw-prepared. Fortunately, always we are able to see and listen those who offer a different style of eating. But we don;t see them on the ads, usually. Most of people prefer cheap and fast, instead of organic and slow.

My theory is that the same people who do life in this hectic life-speed are part of the Christian church. Living in the environment where church is declining in numbers, we have been looking for answers to bring people back and invite new ones. We are changing.

Sermons. Music. Dress. Time. Leadership age group.

Conferences are everywhere inviting people who want their churches to grow. The most sought speakers are those whose churches have grown fast. We need to hear what they have to say. We want a fast-growth too. It’s so difficult to serve in a faith community and be discouraged by the numbers of those attending.

We need to do something to have a fast growth. I’m serious, I need a lot of people to come when I preach. The fact is that most of those whom I convince to listen to me, don’t come back. Why? What I’m doing wrong.

Is my personality? No, otherwise they will not be convinced to visit.

Is it the number of people in the room? Maybe, when the room is full gives positive expression.

Is it the lack of something they were looking for? Possibly, but I’m not sure on people intentions.

What I know is that many prefer other topics to listen. I can bundle their suggestions in: how to live a happy life, how to improve this or that, how to have peace etc. When they hear the need to repent and believe, it’s challenging. I know, everytime I’m in sin, I don;t like anyone to tell me that I’m in sin. I like to hear only good stuff.

Jesus said in the end of his earthly ministry: Go and preach the gospel, baptize those who believe (Mathew 28) and make disciples (Mark 16)

When the first apostles did what Jesus said God grew the church in numbers. That’s what we like to hear. But on the other side, they had a lot of persecution, false brethren and all kinds of opposition which surprisely strengthened the church.

Today the church is mainly oriented towards meetings and services. A well attended service will make church leaders happy. And a good offering too.

What about the number of converts? Can we count the converts in our churches?

What about the number of those who have decided to be trained/discipled?

We have so many teachers in our world, but few fathers and mothers. That’s why churches are more like schools where we go and not families where we belong.

We need to see the church of God with a different angle, with different set of glasses.

Oh, if we would not strive for numbers, but for souls! If we can cry for those who are lost and not for those who dare to be not-politically correct. If we can set our eyes on eternal reward instead of the current appraisal. If we…!

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