it must be a different way of communication

miscommunication thinking diffentlyI have been following during the last days the conversations regarding the spread of measles and the need for vaccination. Many people in N.America don;t trust vaccination, so in various days various people have express their concerns and thoughts on that. For the sake of the topic I’m writing I will be neutral on vaccination issue (so difficult not to give an opinion 🙂

What got my attention yesterday was the conversation with a fellow in US who were describing how they approach people who don’t vaccinate their kids. Asking questions they’ve got their perceptions, how they build their convictions and in the end the interviewer said: We asked even some questions WRONG.

He concluded with this: ” Scientists, researchers have done their part to provide a vaccine that is effective, the reason why some people don;t believe it, is because of the wrong way of communicating it.” . SO according to him, the product is right, but the way the product is being sold is wrong.

Immediately that made me to think regarding the message of Jesus Christ. God is awesome, the word of God is awesome and yet the number of people distrusting God or Bible is very considerable. Why?

I agree with the concept of the vaccine researcher. We are communicating it in the wrong way. The chance is that you will agree with me on the statement, that somehow it is a responsibility of those who are giving the good news. I would like to add some thoughts on the type of wrong communication:

1-the daily life of some/many believers doesn’t make an unbeliever to consider embracing the christian faith.

2-scandals echoed gladly by media of Christian leaders/ministers have given the perception of a religion that is not practiced even by those who preach it.

3-church is many times confined at church services where believers indirectly perceive that if they are faithful in gatherings, that will please God. SO when they are outside these gatherings they are in a secular world so they see it very difficult to live as a saint. so in one sentence is the separation of the secular and holy in our daily activities.

4-church is affected by culture in some aspects, where individualism dominates – what is there for me. Preachers in a way not to lose people and to bring more inside their congregation, will avoid talking subjects that might offend. SO the messages tend to be towards positive, encouraging (and this is needed, don;t get me wrong here). The result is flesh and sinful is not exposed but accepted as something normal AND when outsiders come inside to expect something different, they might get superficial welcome.

5-the ways that the general church gives the message doesn’t always compete with entertainment world and it shouldn’t. The world entertains the flesh, the church needs to speak to the hearts and minds. While almost every adults now has phones or smartphones to communicate and receive information, not every congregation is adapting practical ways to meet the needs of this generation. The sign at church buildings: “All are welcomed” is not super attracting.

Surely this reflection doesn’t apply to your situation fully, but where it applies, I would like you to take it into consideration. Have you heard the saying-through a stone in a crowd of dogs and the one who is being hit is the one crying? SO if something is crying or made you uncomfortable, maybe that’s the one God wants you to work with.

Is that somethings else you might add to this list?

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