churches as babies

Church planting is the most effective way of evangelism and I was comparing church plants like having babies.
Three main ways babies come: Expected, Un-expected and Miracles.

We all know that requires male sperm and female eggs to make sure conditions are met for a baby to be conceived. When one of them is missing, that can;t happen. I like to compare sperm with leadership and eggs with church health.

Both want to have babies and work to make that happen. There are periods where the ovulation happens so in this momentum the leadership needs to give mission, vision and direction for a new baby church to be planted.

At least one of them is not thinking to have another baby, but because of the engagement the baby church comes. Sometimes those churches are healthy because they have found care and sometimes they have died as groups because ‘the parents’ couldn;t sacrifice more to have another healthy baby.

There are times when because of the situations, it seems that the baby can;t arrive. Older the congregation without “kids”, more difficult comes to have a baby church plant. As Sarah conceived in old age thus those “old churches” can conceive a new vision, hope and destiny and be part of having a new baby church.

Wherever your church is now, it is your responsibility to make sure the reproduction happens. Most of the times younger couples know less how to raise kids, but they do it with more energy, and crazyness. Older couples are better organized and prepared, but their kids have the tendency to be careful as their parents are – careful, looking at every detail and waiting too long to have a baby on their own.

Please have kids when you are young 🙂

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