The Truthful Barometer

A young farmer in North Dakota brought home a fancy barometer for which he paid $24.65. In the following days, he watched it avidly as it predicted the weather. On one of the walls of his home, it hung in an honored place. But the day came when for three days it predicted “storm” while the sky was turquoise and clear. So he took it off the wall and back to town where he demanded his money back. Returning home, he and his wife became alarmed when they saw evidence of a storm ten miles out. When they turned in their yard, their home had blown away. The furniture was up in the apple trees and the bathtub three blocks away in a pasture. But the grandmother had believed the barometer, and when a dark cloud appeared she took the two small children and went to the shelter in the old storm cellar, long unused, and they were saved.

Sometimes it looks like our spiritual barometer is not working well or God is not warning us on time regarding events that bring risk to our lives. We might be discouraged by the level of disappointment and might want to throw away the “barometer”.

Sometimes God saves us while we do the journey to throw “the barometer”. He is there, sometimes he warns us of the storms, and other times he moves us out of the harm’s way. We can trust God because He is not dependable on the ability of another maker-as it is the case of a barometer-to translate better the signs. All the truth and knowledge are with Him. He doesn’t need adjustment or model updates. We need to be updated according to His designation, and He can help us.


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