The journey of becoming a worshipful giver

The wise men from afar were following the star. When they found the country, they went naively to king Herod who was the cruel king in charge, and asked about the new king. Surely, Herod didn’t had any info about this new king and led them to Bethlehem, promising falsely that he is going to worship that king too when they will be able to find him.

The wise men were searching. They had some clues about the birth of this special King of the Jews, but not much. They figured out the sign of the start and they left their countries, their families, their daily responsibilities to travel far to an unknown land, to meet this unknown newborn king.

Finally, they found the place where Jesus was staying with his family. Their search was over.

They went and bowed down before this baby who although was not living in royal conditions, believed that he was going to be the right king one day. By faith they worshiped and in the end, they offered what they had prepared prior to their journey. Expensive gifts for the special king.

I would like to point out today that we can see four steps taken by these wise men which could be useful to us: They searched, they found what they were searching for, they worshiped and they offered gifts.

Without searching it is difficult to find anything precious.

Without finding the right God, it would be difficult to offer proper worship.

Without offering sincere worship, it would be difficult to offer substantial and meaningful gifts.

So this season, find in what part of this 4 step journey you find yourself: searching, finding, worshiping or offering!

Prayer: Lord, guide us with your light that we might find the right path towards you, to walk faithfully in that path, be worshipful in your presence and offer you our best.

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