Give attention to the signs

A star in the sky was enough for the wise men to start their journey to seek the newborn Messiah.

A word in the heart was enough for Simeon to wait years expecting to see the baby Jesus in the temple.

It was a dream for Joseph, a visitation from an angel for Mary, the choir of heavenly host for the shepherds. We can’t choose the type of sign that God will give us, but we can choose what we do after that. Some signs have are very significant for us and others, the majority are little reminders when we procrastinate or lose faith.

For me going to the word of God is inviting God to speak and directing my life. So I’m looking for signs, directions because I know that I might go to the other path, unaware and probably a little careless. I can’t fully trust myself, my judgment, or my reasoning. I have proven to be wrong so many times.

Are you today looking for a morning star or have already figured out everything about your life?

Give attention to the signs.

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