Day 15 of Advent Devotionals

Memento Mori.  “Remember the Day of Death.”  That was a Latin phrase used to remind people not of their death for death’s sake, but to remind them to prepare for it.  That is what the hymn “The Day is Surely Drawing Near” also seeks to do.  That is what Christ says to his disciples during his final week before his crucifixion as well.  Prepare!  Memento Mori!

In Luke 21:25-36 and in Matthew 25:31-46 Christ describes “The Day” that Scripture long has said was coming.  The Day of the Lord.  The final day.  A day sin and evil must be answered for and will be dealt with.  Prepare! Memento Mori!

A day of darkness as the prophets say.  A day that no one escapes. A day when the earth shakes to its foundation.  A day when God’s long-suffering ends. A day of God’s vindication.  Prepare!  Memento Mori!

The jokes and idle mirth come to an end.  A day when all mocking and unbelief shall vanish.  A day that reveals Jesus Christ in all his glory as he comes to make the End.  Prepare!  Memento Mori! 

Glimpses of this day have appeared across time.  Moments where The Day has appeared in human history.  Noah’s flood, the Babylonian exile.  Moments where God’s just wrath which breaks out against all sin and evil.  We see signs now with societal collapse, wars and destruction, and economic woes that all mark birth pains.  Prepare!  Memento Mori!

Jesus tells us these things to prepare us and to help us remember.  So, after saying all these things, he gathers them at table.  Take Eat.  Take Drink.  This is my body.  This is my blood.  Shed for you for the forgiveness of sins.  Do this in Memento of me! 

Prepare!  Memento Mori.  Partake in church, Communion.  There you will encounter Christ who has already endured the day of death. The day where sin is answered for.  You encounter a Christ who suffered the Day of the Lord for you and who will bring you to the other side.  “May Christ our intercessor be and through His blood and merit read from His book that we are free!”. Remember and prepare now for that! That Day is surely drawing near!

Hymn: The Day Is Surely Drawing Near

1 The day is surely drawing near

When Jesus, God’s anointed,

In all His power shall appear

As judge whom God appointed.

Then fright shall banish idle mirth,

And flames on flames shall ravage earth

As Scripture long has warned us.

2 The final trumpet then shall sound

And all the earth be shaken,

And all who rest beneath the ground

Shall from their sleep awaken.

But all who live will in that hour,

By God’s almighty, boundless power,

Be changed at His commanding.

3 The books are opened then to all,

A record truly telling

What each has done, both great and small,

When he on earth was dwelling,

And every heart be clearly seen,

And all be known as they have been

In thoughts and words and actions.

4 Then woe to those who scorned the Lord

And sought but carnal pleasures,

Who here despised His precious Word

And loved their earthly treasures!

With shame and trembling they will stand

And at the judge’s stern command

To Satan be delivered.

5 My Savior paid the debt I owe

And for my sin was smitten;

Within the Book of Life I know

My name has now been written.

I will not doubt, for I am free,

And Satan cannot threaten me;

There is no condemnation!

6 May Christ our intercessor be

And through His blood and merit

Read from His book that we are free

With all who life inherit.

Then we shall see Him face to face,

With all His saints in that blest place

Which He has purchased for us.

7 O Jesus Christ, do not delay,

But hasten our salvation;

We often tremble on our way

In fear and tribulation.

O hear and grant our fervent plea:

Come, mighty judge, and set us free

From death and every evil.

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