Day 13 of Advent Devotionals

This week we are going to read hymns. At Ephesians Paul encouraged the believers to be filled with the Spirit. One of the avenues of this Filling is by singing to each other psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. We are not offering here the song with music, but only the words. You can read it, you can Hum it as you read it or you can sing it by adding your own music.

The author for the hymn “Wake, Awake for Night is Flying”, German Pastor Philipp Nicolai, wrote this hymn during the plague that happened in his lifetime.  During the winter that the plague hit, this Lutheran Pastor averaged 30 funerals a week, over 1,000 funerals he would officiate total throughout that winter. 

What might drive us to despair and desolation drew Pastor Nicolai instead to the hope of the promise of Jesus Christ.  He saw through it all the darkness breaking and the light of Christ shining bright. 

Drawing from images in Scripture such as the parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25, the Salvation of God’s people in Isaiah 62, The Final Marriage Feast of the Lamb in Revelation 19, and the Great Multitude of Believers in Revelation 7, this hymn points to the final hope and climax of this creation: The return of Jesus Christ

This hymn, is a joyful one.  Through its music we see the return of Christ now through faith. Perhaps Rev. Nicolai pictured the 1,000 members that he loved that he buried that fateful winter long ago in his final stanza.

Hymn: Wake, Awake, for Night Is Flying

1 “Wake, awake, for night is flying,”

The watchmen on the heights are crying;

“Awake, Jerusalem, arise!”

Midnight hears the welcome voices

And at the thrilling cry rejoices:

“Oh, where are ye, ye virgins wise?

The Bridegroom comes, awake!

Your lamps with gladness take!


With bridal care Yourselves prepare

To meet the Bridegroom, who is near.”

2  Zion hears the watchmen singing,

And all her heart with joy is springing;

She wakes, she rises from her gloom.

For her Lord comes down all-glorious,

The strong in grace, in truth victorious;

Her star is ris’n, her light is come.

Now come, Thou Blessèd One,

Lord Jesus, God’s own Son,

Hail! Hosanna!

We enter all The wedding hall

To eat the Supper at Thy call.

3  Now let all the heav’ns adore Thee,

Let saints and angels sing before Thee

With harp and cymbals’ clearest tone.

Of one pearl each shining portal,

Where, joining with the choir immortal,

We gather round Thy radiant throne.

No eye has seen the light,

No ear has heard the might

Of Thy glory;

Therefore will we Eternally

Sing hymns of praise and joy to Thee!

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