Simple ways you can be a missionary

Do you have a heart for God, but you think that being missionary is to go in a faraway country when less-civilized than you people want to hear the good news of the Gospel?

Than the chance is that you can’t fulfill Jesus commandment “GO” as we think mission as a place to go. Mission according to Jesus starts where you are: Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the end of the earth. Your Jerusalem is your house, your working-place and your Judea is your neighborhood, your shopping mall, your barber-shop and any other shop you go continually.

Let me give some simple practical ideas how you can be a missionary with little effort.

Place a Christian symbol. Could be at your working desk, wall, necklace, T-Shirt, Covid’s mask – places are endless. I have a bumper in my car, a Christian message at the garage door and various symbols-T-Shirts, cross necklace. The best way is to have a symbol that is rare, that might make people to ask about. Although many will not rush at you and ask about your faith, you tell them that you are a believer in Christ-one day a door will open for a conversation.

Don’t be shy telling that on weekend you went to church or joined an online church. It is normal that people would ask each other what they did on weekends. If you say just “church”, they might hear “the boring church of my parents”. Don’t become a preacher, but be real. That means you should give more attention to church details, which could be exiting. But if you mention something exiting that happened during the church experience, surely it would be more difficult to be forgotten.

Invite friends into Christian socials. The best social is when Christians just have fun and enjoy life without being preachy. When visitors come (and they always come) the church people doesn’t look weird. These socials could be intentional inviting non-church people or occasional. Having theological discussion on pubs or restaurants, is friendlier for non-church people to come and join the discussion.

Be evangelical during Christian mass-events like Christmas and Easter! People celebrate these events without Christ in their center. Be creative how to bring God naturally in such events. This could be like a prayer before the meal, or reading a story related with the event – more genuine and new the idea is, more are the chances to get respectful attention.

Pray. We know this but we don’t do it well, right? Pray for people you know that are not into God or church. Pray when you see them, pray in certain days – once a year prayer is better than nothing. Once a week prayer is better than once a year. And usually, when you pray for someone, you become pro-active towards solution-finding ideas. Prayer leads the way, when it looks like there is not way.

Do you have other simple things you can do or you are doing on purpose to impact “organically” those around you? Please share them with us.

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