The pastor of the 2020

Forgive my irony or sarcasm in this article but look for truths in my post.

Believer 1: Pastor, why don’t we became like the church of the first century?

Pastor: Which part of that church do you have in mind particularly: the persecution, sharing the wealth, unbelievable miracles, lack of worship centers or the unity in the midst of diversities?

Believer 2: Pastor, why did we close the church services this year? Is that a sign that the government is deciding what and how the church should function?

Pastor: All churches somehow had this understanding that government officials were concern about the health risks of people coming together.

Believer 2: Where is your faith? You can continue the services, pray against the virus and trust God that nothing will go wrong. In the meanwhile, I would be faithful to watch the services online as the company is closed and I’m collecting the government stipend.


Believer 3: Pastor, I’m not very well this season. My level of faith has dropped. Althought I’m not busy as I stay home now all day, I haven’t found yet some time for God. Can you pray for me?

Pastor: Sure! “Lord, please figure out a way that internet goes out from that house”.

Believer 4: Hey pastor! I’ve been watching this other preacher online and I like his style. Can you preach like him? Here is the link.

Pastor: Oh, sure! Thanks for the info. (He is lying) We all are learning right, and we need to learn from each other. I appreciate a lot that you are thinking about me this time.

Believer 5: Hey pastor! I bought two BLM t-shirts. They are great and definetely it’s a great message. It’s a gift from me, where can I dropped it.

Pastor: Wow! Thanks. Today we have prayer meeting at 8 pm, come in as we are going to pray about it.

Believer 5: Thanks for letting me know! Not sure I can make it, I have to meet a high school friend to play a game, never knows when I finish. But, I will come at the church when the prayer is done to bring the T-shirt.

These are real stories with some twists and some exaggeration, but offering an idea that the life of a pastor is never a dull one.

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