Change in the name of…?

I have been puzzled lately with the war on monuments. Cities in Canada have started the trend of asking to rename themselves if the city is named after a person who would not support #BlackLivesMatter if they would be living in our time. Please accept my irony here!

Personally I’m against any form of slavery and I hope if I lived 200 years ago I would not supported any form of slavery. But, I think that it is not the job of mobs and impulsive radicals to ask changing any name they would not feel comfortable.

One name that social justice warriors need to consider taking out of any text is the name of Charles Darwin. He is the prominent figure of eugenics as he proposed that races have evolved from the African blacks to European whites. An interesting article here on the topic. I propose that Darwin would be one of the figures that should be taken out of any honorific status, due to the negative impact he had in the societal levels. Think about it!

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