New challenges, new approaches, same family

Note: I wrote this reflection during the first weeks of COVID news, but now I sharing here.

Today many churches are challenged not because of the virus and the fear it brings, but on the new identity of the church in this situation. What many don’t understand yet, is that this situation is not going to be away in few weeks. We wish, but the reality is different.

What do we do?

First let me tell you something! Before we plan what to do, let us think who we are. Based on what we are, we plan what we do.

This isolation would challenge the mentality of “going to church”. Most of us know that the real church is not the building, but the people who believe in Christ Jesus, but in fact most of the times we act like the church is the building and the church in action is the Sunday service. Most of what we do is around Sunday service.

All who believe in Jesus are part of God’s family. And all who are part of a local church we should live like close cousins. As family we look after each other. We make sure that none is in a lonely and uncared situation.

Now that gathering in the building is not going to happen, what we should do?

We are communicating, we are having even online service which is a great benefit to all of us.   I would invite everyone to think and bring up ideas, how we as the church can act these days, both theological and practical answers are welcomed.

Bless you and see you online!

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