Have we forgotten to read the Bible?

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my online bible study group and brought up the topic of Bible reading. I understood the most of people in the group don’t read anymore the Bible. They listen AudioBible or read specific bible verses that someone else posts online. Personally I’ve become more a bible listener than a reader. Also I have been meditating more in verses I read or listen than in the past.

This info-graphic that I read today made me to think. It related how Christians  are related today with the Bible, as a book and each of its 66 books. How they take notes and more. Have a look for yourself.

What type of reader are you?

This is something that doesn’t come in one size and none should be judged or judge others how and when they read the Bible. My concern is that people who are raised in church or join a church, after many years haven’t read yet the Book where is explained the hope they believe in. Is that ignorance by choice or is just the work of the spiritual enemy that bring distraction in a way that Bible is not anymore attractive in comparison with graphic novels, Netflix or Spotify?

How is your reading style?


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