What can you do during COVID 19 Crisis?

Be well informed and avoid receiving and sharing info that might not be true and bring panic to people. Let us be people of truth. There is a lot of info shared easily online. And specifically during these times, those who like to share the wrong information and also half-truths, will shared it. Don’t be a transporter of news that do bring insecurity to people. Don’t share information that puts down people who are working hard to help and support and to make decisions during this time of crisis.

Be careful, but not fearful. For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. – 1 Timothy 1:7 The Spirit of God is here to help us to be stronger and not to be given to the spirit of the world. People without God might offer their best in advice, but it’s an unmatched wisdom and strength that comes from God alone. Switch to His voice, and let Him calm your soul and give you peace, hope and a future. Let the spirit of God empower you to do good things for others in this time.

Practice personal hygiene. Nothing in Scriptures stops us to take practical measurement to prevent the microbes enter in our body. We shouldn’t mix faith and precaution. Laziness to protect yourself shouldn’t be covered with bible verses quoted in the wrong places. Maybe the discipline of self-hygiene this time will help to have new better customs for the future.

Avoid being selfish. We are all part of a community. Start with your buying of food and supplies. Do not take more than you need, as you might leave other people with nothing. Also empty shelves bring fear and insecurity. What I did? I bought food to avoid going several times during the week at the shop – my usual is 4 times/week. Think if you know people that might be less lucky than you – don’t have a car to move around or possibly are elderly or not enough money. Do what you can to help and ask others who might give a hand too. Think about this verse how we can apply today! So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:33-34

Create helpful content online that might help someone online. Share positive, even humorous materials (sometimes we need a boost of laughs in the midst of bad news). Share what is in your heart to bless someone else. If you are able to combat fear, your testimony might help people like you. I’ve seen singers or musicians posting online. Music not only bring people together but affects the soul in a special way. 

Join bible study online or online services when they are available. Our church has started streaming online using Zoom where everyone is involved similarly as in a normal Sunday service, except that we are sitting in the front of the computers. For many weeks we are doing online bible study, which in this situation is very practical. Be open to this opportunity and don’t use the home isolation as an excuse not to participate into studying the word.

Donate online. If you are used to give cash or cheque for the church or other organizations that do good work in community, find other ways to donate. Non-profit organizations depend on free-will donations to support their staff and do services. Be generous today.

Pray. There is more time now than usual. Devote yourself more to prayer than Netflix. We need God to help us in this crisis so let’s join our prayers and ask God for mercy and forgiveness. Someone, somewhere has done something wrong and many are suffering. Nothing just happens. Certain spiritual and practical actions, need forgiveness.

Reflect and repent. In this season, it’s right to stop and reflect on your life. Are you living for yourself more than for the Lord and others? Do you live in sins that need to be left untouched? Repent and come to the Lord to give you a new start.

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