Between sick of home and homesick

We all have heard it many times in variety of statements. What you lose you will miss it later. As a young adult more than once I wanted to be free and independent from others’ oversight. I was sick of home. I left home to study at University, declaring that I’m not coming back. But, I did. I became a Christian and my attitude started changing. I lived in my hometown 13 years after I came back.

Another story is more famous than mine, as it has been told millions of times. The prodigal son and the loving father. The young man was sick of home, he wanted another life, without the moral borders of his dad. He wanted to do everything he was not able to do at home. He left his family, just to be independent. He came unto his senses not because he missed his family, but he calculated that was not worthy to continue to stay broke and alone: at least he can have a minimum lifestyle under dad’s leadership, not anymore as a heir and son, but as a servant who works for food and shelter.

His heart was really broken when he saw his father waiting for him and hugging him with passion. His heart melted when his father didn’t hear his plea, but offered his forgiveness. Coming back was everything dad was looking for.

How far are you today? When your “being sick of the home with rules” is over, consider coming back home. Father is waiting. You can have your name back. Your honor back. Your blessing back. Because of your father. Because you came back home.

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