Give up on Albanians!

That’s what an old friend of mine, who was a pastor when I was a young believer-told me several weeks ago. A burned out pastor, who might have been disturbed by my writing focusing on the depravity of the soul without Christ and the need to reflect on the ignorance of my people. This old friend told me that I was not doing the right thing here in Canada: instead of going forward professionally and enjoying the commodities of the life here, I am losing time by talking to a community who is not looking for God.

Boy, I was hurt and down for several days. Partly because he was partially right, starting from the end: Albanians are not looking for God here in Canada. In all my interactions (about 1000) less than dozen have expressed a desire for the things of God). So, according to that calculation I’m stupid investing time to a generation who is not looking for God. My friend suggested that I just joined a Canadian church.

This conversation came in a time when I was very low in encouragement -with most of my church plant expectations – unreached and financially so bad. Oh how much I was desiring just to quit and not to care anymore for the lost people. Just enjoy church services. But I can’t do it. I felt saying to myself that I’m not responsible to my friends or family, I’m responsible to God – what I have done with his calling.

So I have decided to continue – bleeding, unhappy sometimes, but with hopes that all the seeds sown, will give fruit one day. Pray for me and yourselves, that we are going to be and stand as faithful.

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