Finding the home among many houses

I’m back from Albania. I will write in the following days more about this amazing trip. Today I would like to express my thoughts as I visited my parents home where I spent most of my Albanian life.

my house from distance

Walking at the sidewalk and remembering my life there. My daughter asked: “Dad, do you have emotions?”  “This is not my home anymore. This is my house. I have fond memories, but it is not my home” – I replied.

I told this several people and had different reactions. First, I call Canada home now. While in Albania it became clearer to me, while I did this first visit after 8 years (not including the short one I did 6 years ago when my dad passed away) – I was visiting my former place. Only memories. I have moved a lot. In Canada we have moved 4 times in 8 years. In Albania 3 times in 9 years of marriage. Some places I have enjoyed more than others. I have called recently home a place in East York/Toronto. It is where God has led me to live during this time.

I know that the final home will be where I will see God face to face and my soul will find the perfect peace. Until then, I will call home not houses, but where God has sent me to live in. I don’t if that resonates with you, but maybe you can ask yourself now: “Am I living in my house or in my home?” Find the place that God has called you and called that place HOME.

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